“Does Skin Cancer Itch?”

“Does skin cancer itch?” is a common question many people may have when they experience the annoying problem of an itching sensation that accompanies a number of lesions on their skin. Asking whether skin cancer does itch’ is, in a way, asking “Could I have skin cancer?”

The direct answer to the question is that yes, skin cancer itches. In fact, not only does skin itch in the spot where the lesion is first noticed, the itch will have a tendency to spread over a large mass of skin as the cancer spreads. So, if persistence itching is a common problem and it is associated with lesions and the mass that the itching comprises increases, then a serious condition may be present.

No Need to Panic Though

Now, this does not mean that every time you notice a lesion and feel a corresponding itchiness that there is a cancerous growth. While the answer to the question “Does skin cancer itch?” is an absolute affirmative yes the fact remains that there are a number of benign lesions that can cause a person to experience a great deal of itching.

If the itching does persist, however, and the lesion seems to be getting larger it may be wise to have it examined by a doctor just to make sure that there is no serious underlying condition that may be causing the lesion and the itching.

The Wise Course of Action to Take

If there was a smart course of action to take, it would not center on asking the generic question “Does skin cancer itch?” and then taking the answer that is provided as a diagnosis. Instead, if you have a concern regarding the possible presence of skin cancer it would be best to make an appointment with a doctor and have a complete examination.

After all, the only way that one can truly be sure whether or not one has or does not have skin cancer would be to seek the advice and consultation of a qualified professional who can provide a solid yes or no answer to the possible presence of skin cancer. Simply asking whether or not “does skin cancer itch” would never provide any affirmation of the presence of skin cancer and while it is a good starting point to ask as a query, no answer can provide any definitive information on the subject when the question is so limited in scope. For more Info on Family Health


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